Song 251: All Night Long (Tyler Kealey original)

This project has kind of forced me to take some songs that have been sitting in rough demo form and pushed me to finish them up.  This song, like my song Baseball Diamond, is rooted in the close community of family and friends up in Venosta, Quebec.  Each year, after the ball games finish and the sun sets, we play music and party until the sun comes up.  In the lyrics I've picked out a few funny moments that I can recall from past years during some of the early hours.  It's about people having fun, but not needing much around them to do so.  I had a great-uncle named Arden who'd alway say "we'll go with what we got" - meaning you'd sometimes just made do with what you had - and on these weekends, we just enjoy the simple surroundings, a parking lot, a case of beer, but great company and that's all we needed.

So here's an original tune, somewhat finished and in demo form, recorded live at Moleman Studio in Quebec.